35,000 Bitcoin Transactions STILL Unconfirmed!

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Home News 35,000 Bitcoin Transactions STILL Unconfirmed!
Published on June 23, 2016

New to Bitcoin? Get some fast and easy here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/davidseaman Convert Bitcoin into genuine gold in minutes: http://bitgold.com/r/FbRhf9 (I recommend them! Use my link to get a bonus- make sure you deposit 5 grams of gold or more within first 48 hours of opening your account) Yikes! Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, but so is transaction volume, and more than 35,000 transactions are stuck as Unconfirmed on the network still. I have several Bitcoin transactions from YESTERDAY still waiting to clear- almost as slow as a paper check heheh. Ethereum users unaffected (14.9 second average block time).

Watch the Great Bitcoin Backlog of 2016 in real time: http://www.blockspeed.info and http://bitcoinfees.21.co

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