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Published on January 6, 2016

7 Jan 2016 – UPDATE: It appears this Faucet is no longer paying withdrawals – Beware!

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  1. Jose

    this is SCAM NO PAY

    • Bonus Bitcoin

      Thank you Jose.
      We updated this post a few days ago to warn people that this Faucet has stopped paying.
      Join our email list, so we can share both opportunities and warnings with you in the future.

    • NELSON


      • Andrew Gardiner

        Thank you Nelson.

  2. James

    2.1M satoshis not credited to me, still pending

    Scam indeed along with others under that site beware

    • Andrew Gardiner

      Thanks James.
      We lost a big chunk too.
      Appreciate your commenting here to help keep others informed.

  3. nelcliff

    Thanks for this info. I will stop every activities there.

    • Andrew Gardiner

      You’re welcome.
      Have you joined our email list yet?
      When we hear about problems with faucets – as well as opportunities for good ones we’ll keep you updated.

  4. gabriel

    i have 6 million of satoshis in satoshiocean
    o lost? i loseer?

    • Andrew Gardiner

      Sadly, it looks that way Gabriel.

  5. umar

    Whats ur email id to join and is Satoshocean paying ?

    • Andrew Gardiner

      Thanks Umar.
      Satoshi Ocean has stopped paying, as you’ll see from the update in this post and the comments from other users.

      We are not a Bitcoin Faucet – but here’s the link to join

      Don’t forget to join our email list to keep up to date with faucet news and reviews!

  6. mehdi

    I have not received my website gain satoshi ocean
    19PVXRY42B8tUw54LKcqtZ2MwWTYw6VmS2 : 101201 4-1-2016 17:09

    • Andrew Gardiner

      Hi Mehdi
      No, as you’ll see from the comments and our updates – Satoshi Ocean stopped paying out.

  7. Fer

    I have 1M in satoshieight, 1M in satoshinine and 1M in satoshiriver. Thanks for the bad notice. I hope that they will pay some day

    • Andrew Gardiner

      It would be nice if they did – but I can’t see it happening now.
      Thanks for posting.

  8. Kchrist

    How come that its still active they should remove it

    • Andrew Gardiner

      You’re right Kchrist.
      I wonder if they’re still getting the revenue from their advertisers!?

  9. hello
    sir, Satoshiocean .com is big scam site.
    please someone complain to google to blacklist that site , at the time it show top list in google record.

    • Andrew Gardiner

      Thanks Umar, That’s an idea.
      In the meantime, make sure you’re on our email list so we can share any problems or opportunities with you.

  10. Arnold

    At first I thought that it was real So I clicked at all the ten Faucets (Satoshiocean,Satoshiriver,satoshione to Satoshiten.,,,etc.I’ve earned 12000000 Satoshis,after three days as of now still no Claim,I thinkk it’s a scam

    • Andrew

      Yes. I’m afraid so.

    • Andrew

      Bad luck Berend.
      You, me and lots of others have lost out with this one.

  11. RACHA

    1004848 satoshis not credited to me, still pending
    my adresse BTC 19XjXqqNoWhCBZw68sUAKz8rqFLPtqFy2L

    • Andrew

      Thanks Racha.
      As you’ll see from other people’s experiences here, I don’t think you’re ever going to see your Satoshi from that Faucet.

  12. talharao777

    seven satoshi is totally scam website i earned 37 lac but not pay…

    • Andrew

      Yes, unfortunately lots have people have lost out.
      Thanks for posting.

  13. talharao777

    i also earned 1 carore 24 lac but not withdraw

  14. vic

    lo mismo me paso no me han pagado nada ya llevo mas de un mes esperando un pago de 0.85117819 mi direccion de BTC 12RgXLjAq3NsGbZMZfoVXSPEHS5w8umABq

  15. vic

    no me han pagano mis btc 0.85117819 mi direccion de btc es 12RgXLjAq3NsGbZMZfoVXSPEHS5w8umABq que mal plan espero que algun dia lo pueda cobrar

  16. changoleon

    15oa7BXgmzdDEvComrnrcSodN9A2GFtNi1 : 2004465 6-4-2016 13:49– RQ

    I guess it must be the same in all faucets of the chain because I did in this retreat , that when he made ​​mention that in 48 hours, but in the FAQ mentions that in a week, but seeing the comments lose hope .
    What hurts me is that for every claim ever I click advertising on any faucet I go , and now this keeps my satohis and advertising revenue .

  17. NOMAN is also a scam site. Nobody visit this site.

  18. Kevin

    Lost 17million with satoshiriver

    • Andrew

      Ouch, that’s tough.

  19. Josh

    Is satoshi ocean the same as satoshizero that’s where it tells me there gmail is

  20. khuyen

    today you yourself know the Bitcoin faucet does not scam. Thank. E-mail.

    • Andrew

      Hi Khuyen
      Are you saying that Satoshi Ocean pay out?

      There are a lot of people who have not received payouts when they’ve claimed.

      I’ve just looked and the minimum balance for payout is 3,000,000 Satoshi.

      Have you actually claimed successfully and received the payout in your Bitcoin Wallet?

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